The sketch stage is a key stage for a project, allowing to confirm the program / the investment, to prove a solution exists (typically when answering to a tender) and validate technical specifications.

A that very moment, few information are available, while the space of possible designs may be extremely large, and every choice has a significant impact for the project (choice of a technology for example).

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Cades is a software perfectly adapted to this stage: able to handle a large number of parameter, multi-objectives optimization (e.g. Pareto plot), ...
Cades is used in many uses cases, as presented in these pages ...


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Using an optimization software such as Cades is a key asset when answering to a tender in aeronautics, where mass / volume / energy are very constrained.

Is there any solution to my specifications. If yes, what is the optimal solution / technology to minimise masse / volume? If not, which constrain needs to be released to get at least one solution / possible design?

Able to handle several hundreds of parameters, and featuring sensibility analysis tools, Cades allows to find, at sketch stage, an optimal solution or impact parameters, who could allow to fin one with a slight variation.

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Automotive industry

To minimise design time, engineers often use a identical model, with slight differences, to design a comprehensive range of devices (same device with various powers for example).
If the first model is optimized, the others may not, as many specifications are tailored for other performances.

Cades allows range optimization, in a single optimization. Then, the entire range of devices gets optimized, and the global cost of this range is alos optimised.


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Example to download: Analytical modeling and optimization of a radial permanent magnets synchronous machine
Bill Sesanga, Frédéric Wurtz, Albert Foggia
ISEF 2009 - XIV International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields, Arras : France (2009)

PDF - 1.8 Mb Example to download: Sizing and optimization models: design of a set of two permanent magnet generators
R. Carlson, F. Wurtz, H. Voltolini
International Conference on Electrical Machines 2012 - Marseille


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Operating costs are getting more and more important when designing a building. Choice of systems and technology used, as well as management strategies have a great impact on performances.
Optimizing the design means to handle a large number of parameters: it is a strong advantage of Cades.

With a comprehensive library of models of building equipments (sheath, systems, usage, ...), Cades allows to run a fast pre-design of the "building system", optimizing costs of the global system, and not only each equipment individually.

Example to download: Dimensionnement optimal et simultané de l’enveloppe, des systèmes et de la stratégie de gestion en phase d’esquisse : application aux gares à énergie positive
F. Wurtz, X. Brunotte, W. Basset, S. Ploix, R. Marten, J.Pouget, Y. Riffonneau
XXXe Rencontres AUGC-IBPSA, Marseille : France (2012)

Electric industry

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Transformers, linear actuators, MEMs, ... Cades is used to design various electromagnetic devices and systems. One of the key features is its ability to run an optimization accounting for the equipment life cycle, and else, for example, minimise the global cost of this devices including maintenance and consumption costs.


10. Schneider Electirc
Transformer design PDF - 1.4 Mb

Example to download: Modelling of Passive Electronic Circuits with Sensitivity Analysis Dedicated to the Sizing by Optimization
Denis Duret, Laurent Gerbaud, Frederic Wurtz, Jean-Pierre Keradec and Bruno Cogitore
KES2007 11th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems, Vetri sul Mare : Italy (2007)

Example to download: Optimization of a 3D micro-accelerometer based on diamagnetic levitation
Christian Pigot, Benoît Delinchant, Gilbert Reyne
10th International Workshop on Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism (OIPE 2008), Ilmenau : Allemagne (2008)

Example to download: Modélisation des actionneurs électromagnétiques par réseaux de reluctances. Création d’un outil métier dédié au prédimensionnement par optimisation
Bertrand Du Peloux (09/10/2006)

Example to download: Two Levels Modeling for the Optimization of Electromagnetic Actuators
B. Delinchant , G. Gruosso , and F. Wurtz
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2009