Automotive industry

To minimise design time, engineers often use a identical model, with slight differences, to design a comprehensive range of devices (same device with various powers for example).
If the first model is optimized, the others may not, as many specifications are tailored for other performances.

Cades allows range optimization, in a single optimization. Then, the entire range of devices gets optimized, and the global cost of this range is alos optimised.


PNG - 9.6 kb

Example to download: Analytical modeling and optimization of a radial permanent magnets synchronous machine
Bill Sesanga, Frédéric Wurtz, Albert Foggia
ISEF 2009 - XIV International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields, Arras : France (2009)

PDF - 1.8 Mb Example to download: Sizing and optimization models: design of a set of two permanent magnet generators
R. Carlson, F. Wurtz, H. Voltolini
International Conference on Electrical Machines 2012 - Marseille