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Operating costs are getting more and more important when designing a building. Choice of systems and technology used, as well as management strategies have a great impact on performances.
Optimizing the design means to handle a large number of parameters: it is a strong advantage of Cades.

With a comprehensive library of models of building equipments (sheath, systems, usage, ...), Cades allows to run a fast pre-design of the "building system", optimizing costs of the global system, and not only each equipment individually.

Example to download: Dimensionnement optimal et simultané de l’enveloppe, des systèmes et de la stratégie de gestion en phase d’esquisse : application aux gares à énergie positive
F. Wurtz, X. Brunotte, W. Basset, S. Ploix, R. Marten, J.Pouget, Y. Riffonneau
XXXe Rencontres AUGC-IBPSA, Marseille : France (2012)