Two hotels in Ardèche and Puy-de-Dôme choose EDF and Vesta-System’s offer

Signed in June 2018, EDF’s and Vesta-System’s common commercial offer attracts customers.

Among our new customers, two hotels have selected our offer. The first one in in Ardèche, has 60 rooms in 2 separate buildings. The second one is in Puy-de-Dôme, and has 20 rooms.

Each room is controlled separately, and customers’ preferences are set up when they arrive for a better comfort.

Heating in one of the hotels is electric, and hot water with gas in the other.

In addition to energy and money savings, this makes the hotel managers’ day-to-day management simpler: as Vesta Energy is connected to the hotel’s booking system, it can optimize and anticipate occupation and energy and heating consumption without requiring any time-consuming action or moving from the manager.

Improvements in comfort, and in energy and money savings are in consequence for everybody: for the hotel management team, and for the hotel customers.

This demonstrates that EDF and Vesta-System’s common offer is ready to be deployed in all commercial housing businesses.