Vesta Energy installed in Grenoble’s Privilodges Hüb

Privilodges Hübs combine housing and co-working spaces. Many kind of users are targeted : students, working girls, business men, and sweet families.

Grenoble’s Privilodges Hüb will be equipped with EDF-PIB offer and with Vesta Energy’s intelligence. It is the first large scale building equipped with Vesta-System’s technology in its own city: Grenoble!

Vesta Energy’s intelligence combines advantages for the occupants, like in residential apartments, and for the managers, like in a hotel. It particularly fits this new concept of “living together”.

Two 8-floor aisles will equipped, for a total of 122 apartments, 257 rooms, and 4 common spaces. Vesta Energy’s intelligence will control heating, air conditioning, and hot water. Besides, metering data will be uploaded to the manager, while keeping privacy safe.

This shows that Vesta-System’s offer is adapted to any kind of commercial housing, and particularly to those combining housing and co-working.