Smart Grids

“Smart Grid” was coined about 15 years ago to mean that the power system itself is getting smart. Intelligence is not an option to integrate renewables (solar, wind), new usage (e-mobility) and decreasing carbon footprint.
But the power system cannot have access to all your devices, et to what you do while using them: this would be a violation of your private life!
Some smart middle-agent is necessary, that acts as your proxy at the interface with the power system: Vesta Energy. While adapting to your energy provider proposals or contracts, Vesta Energy manages in real-time on your behalf all necessary operations, while adapting to e.g. real-time pricing.
You are always in command. Vesta Energy is configurable according to your preferences –and is always on your side. Vesta Energy acts and removes the load of an otherwise time-hungry management.
Finally, everybody takes advantage of Vesta Energy, particularly the energy transition: by using Vesta Energy, you directly take your share of the fight against climate change.