Danube Elithis Tower in Strasbourg completed!


The Danube Elithis Tower is the first positive energy housing tower in Europe. It has been built in the Danube eco-district in Strasbourg by Elithis, and equiped with Vesta Energy intelligence by Vesta-System. The project has been supported by the City of Strasbourg, by the Urban Community of Strasbourg, by the Urban Planning Authority of Strasbourg Region, and by the Innovation pole Alsace Energivie. The project was launched in 2013.

The tower has16 floors and 63 apartments. It also includes retailing and office facilities.

The tower is equiped with PV panels on the roof and on two sides. They generate more energy than what the tower consumes when averaged over a year.

Vesta Energy equips all the appartements, and controls heating and shutters in each room separately, according to user objectives and presence. All energy uses are accessible through Vesta Energy’s interface.

This interface also includes energy generation and consumption information, local energy sales being shared among the tower occupants. The most engaged occupants may reach a negative invoice, i.e. revenues from local energy sales more than pay for consumption expenses.

Moreover, Vesta Energy pushes back metering information to the tower managers, while strictly keeping users’ privacy safe.

This exemplary project, completed at a cost equivalent to less advanced construction, demonstrates that positive energy buildings are now a reality, while ensuring users’ comfort and control of their consumption. Vesta-System’s technology is necessary to reach this objective, and is ready for deployment in any new construction.