Vesta-System and EDF sign a commercial partnership

Vesta-System and EDF have signed a commercial partnership around Vesta Energy targeting small and medium-size tertiary buildings. EDF has conducted an in-depth study of available offers for Smart Building Management, seeking both technological and market maturity, and has concluded that Vesta-System’s offer was the fittest.

As a first step towards deeper cooperation, the partnerships consists of selling the offer using a yet experimental sale model and limited to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France. Targeted buildings are small and medium-size tertiary buildings, i.e. with an area between 500 and 3,000 square meters. All activity and service domains are aimed.

The objective is three-fold: for the customer, it consists of saving energy and money thanks to Vesta Energy’s intelligence; for EDF it comes down to the implementation of the Smart Building Management project on this market; for Vesta-System this opens up a new commercial channel towards these customers.

The partners will implement a business and deployment model of Vesta Energy’s model in synergy with their mutual goals, and above all in their customers’ advantage.

This commercial partnership, still limited in time and space at this time, should be extended into a long term and full-scale partnership when success is proved.

Presentations of the Smart Building Management offer by EDF (in french)